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June 19, 2012

Please note that the Farnham Report has moved…

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No I really do.


Introducing a new blogging experience!

June 18, 2012

Rostrum: Special Cash For You Edition!

June 15, 2012

Thanks for tuning in!

In the spirit of the latest “initiative” from the Gillard Government, we’re pleased to announce that you qualify for a special cash handout simply for showing up!


Stephen Smith denies allegations of Sex Abuse “cover up” in Defence Force

June 15, 2012

They’re “untested allegations” says Defence Minister Stephen Smith

  • Report details tales of sexual abuse, brutality
  • Perpetrators may still be serving officers
  • No evidence that abusers were called to account
  • Defence Minister denies cover-up

Defence Minister Stephen Smith has been accused of “sitting on his arse” after the ABC revealed the extent of physical, psychological and sexual abuse evidently rampant in the Australian Defence Force.

The ABC disclosed the contents of a government-initiated review into Defence abuse yesterday after it obtained a copy of the report under freedom of information laws.

The review conducted by law firm DLA Piper, investigated allegations of abuse from 775 defence force personnel.

The report concluded that the majority of complaints are “plausible” allegations of abuse, and further indicated that the perpetrators of abuse may now be serving in middle or senior positions within the ADF.

However, when the report was first handed to the Defence Minister in March, he chose to make public “selected extracts” of the executive summary only.

The summary says previous report findings and defence files show very little evidence perpetrators had been called to account.

Some three months later, Mr Smith is facing accusations that he has done little to prosecute charges against those accused of perpetrating abuse and soliciting others to engage in abusive conduct.

According to Defence spokesman David Johnston Mr Smith should have been considering compensating victims of abuse from day one.

According to the report, defence force personnel were faced with the choice to either “join in bashing and assaults on other young boys or young males or to continue to be the target of such abuse,” it says of one notorious defence base in Fremantle, HMAS Lueewin.

The bastardisation is thought to have extended to molestation, with the report drawing parallels with paedophiles ingratiating themselves into churches or orphanages to exploit young people.

“There is no reason to think that such people would not have targeted relevant parts of the ADF [Australian Defence Force],” the report says.

Mr Smith has denied that he has been covering up the extent of abuse in the military, saying that “untested allegations” had to be properly assessed.

In the meantime, it is certain that those responsible for such abuse continue to serve in the armed forces today.

Julia Gillard’s Dirty Stinking Filthy Dirt File Uncovered!

June 14, 2012

Julia Gillard defends taxpayer funded dirt unit

It’s the shocking truth that Julia Gillard doesn’t want you to know, but thanks to our exclusive sources, SOURCES we can reveal EVERYTHING in this stunning expose!

That’s right, it’s the latest filthy chapter in the onslaught of scandal ridden controversies that have plagued the Gillard government in recent months and threatens to bring the Prime Minister’s already tenuous grip on power to the precipice of doom.

Following on from the ongoing Peter Slipper and Craig Thomson scandals, the PM is once again under attack from her own Labor party colleagues as well as the Opposition after her frank admission today that Labor is operating a taxpayer funded “dirt unit” charged with investigating the personal matters of Coalition frontbenchers.

By her own admission, the Prime Minister’s dirt unit is actively and covertly involved in uncovering Coalition MP’s use of social media, personal investment transactions, past employment history, involvement in any legal action, fundraising activities as well as any published articles as far back as fifty years ago.

It’s a stunning admission given that Julia Gillard lashed out at former Prime Minister John Howard in 2007 accusing him of “dirty tactics” alleging that the Coalition had collated a file on her past political affiliations.

The then deputy opposition leader Julia Gillard penned a newspaper opinion piece saying, “The public shouldn’t have to fund politicians digging up dirt.”

She wrote, “Whether the Australian people are interested or not, dirt-digging is now huge business in federal politics. The Howard government just loves using taxpayers’ dollars to finance its re-election.”

And quote, “As a politician, I expect scrutiny. But should the public be footing the bill? Labor says no.”

With the Government recently accusing the Opposition of a spate of vicious and personal attacks on former Labor, now independent MP Craig Thomson, and stood aside speaker Peter Slipper, some are worried that Labor’s credibility is now FUBAR.

The self-evident hypocrisy is astounding and has shocked senior Labor party figures.

Senior Minister Simon Crean has made it clear where he stands.

“I don’t believe in dirt files. I don’t think it’s appropriate to use anyone to compile dirt files” said Mr Crean today.

“I think politics has got to get above that. Politics has got to be about causes, issues; it’s got to be about good policy, not dirt” he said.

Tony Abbott’s Relentless Negativity Finally Backfires.

June 12, 2012

The Coalition’s relentless negativity about the state of the Australian economy and prospects for future growth have finally backfired in the wake of new figures that show economic growth, consumer spending and business confidence are all strong.

The Opposition insists that the government’s carbon tax which takes effect from July 1 would be the equivalent of an economic Armageddon for Australia stifling Australian businesses everywhere, wreaking havoc amongst consumers and destroying the nation’s international competitiveness.

It’s a line that was still being trotted out by Greg Hunt this morning, despite the inconvenient facts of ABS data that confirms nothing could be further from the truth.

According to the latest figures from the ABS, inflation is sitting neatly in between 2 and 3 per cent; unemployment, as at April, was 4.9 per cent; and annual GDP growth up to March this year had clocked in at 4.3 per cent.

In addition, interest rates remain at record lows, despite claims from former PM John Howard who made the infamous and now disproven claim that “interest rates would always be lower under a Coalition government.”

Despite the strong figures, both Opposition Leader Tony Abbott and PM Julia Gillard remain immensely unpopular among voters, with Ms Gillard marginally less unpalatable than Mr Abbott by a margin of 4 points as preferred Prime Minister.

I’m unpopular because I’m the bearer of bad tidings,” said Abbott.

No Tony, you’re unpopular because you’re a cnut.



Rostrum: Special “Where do you people come from?” Edition

June 8, 2012


And good afternoon.   And what a motley little rabble we’ve been this week.  Yes I’m pointing at you.  Each and everyone one of you (while peering over the top of my spectacles, all Helen Coonan like at some parliamentary inquisition), it was “you running in the corridor again wasn’t it Jaws….??”

You lot must think it’s easy running this joint. 

Well I’m as mad as all hell and I’m not going to take it any more!!

Day in, day out, day after day after day I toil away here (or should that be troll away here), bustin a gut for democracy, only to have my articulate and perceptive analysis of life-time important events sullied with the most inane commentary ever thought possible.

And do I get any thanks??  NO I DO NOT! 

It doesn’t all happen automagically you know…

And then we’re subjected to things like “I might be a WCP but just look at what I do for charity, not like you losers!”.

That’s charity innit.

Or “I didn’t die in five World Wars only to pay some thin air tax.”

Get a grip.

Australia is fkn great, despite what Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey might say, and quite frankly the more those two mouth off at this “great nation” the more I think those two motherfkers should just fk off to New Zealand or Johannesburg (where they’d probably feel more at home).

Or join the Golden Dawn party or something like that.

BTW, I’m off to see Prometheus tomorrow, and I’m going to come back here and litter the place with all the surprise little story lines just to spoil it for the rest of you.

Have a lovely weekend.